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Facebook's issue ads policy adds barrier to brands jumping on social movements - Digiday

users. Facebook has yet to show how issue ads will be labeled for users. Facebook also is monitoring other countries. The company promised to block foreign spending on ads related to abortion in Ireland ahead of an upcoming referendum. So far, agencies have welcomed the changes, in part because they quell some of the negative pushback from users and advertisers following Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Russia-linked political ads weren’t just addressing certain candidates, but also touched on movements like Black Lives Matter and gun control. The restrictions are an attempt to make sure Facebook’s platform is not manipulated in an election again. “It’s a positive step in restoring consumer confidence that the platform is taking action to stop rogue agents,” said Mark Systma, associate director of paid social at Huge. “That said, as far as a brand or agency, there’s no immediate impact to us at this point.” It remains to be seen how much Facebook will be able to effectively police issue ads on the platform. The plans have been in the works since shortly after the election and have been slowly introduced.

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